Importance Of Perfect Practice For Intermediate Guitar Players

April 7, 2019

A big mistake that beginner to intermediate guitar players make is to assume that they'll improve their guitar playing the way they want to, by

randomly practicing anything, at any speed, in any order and in any form...


Yes, you do need to practice guitar to become a better guitar player because, hoping to get better at guitar without practice is like hoping to build muscles without any training and nutrition...


That being said... not knowing how to train, what to train on n how much to train would lead to slow results and frustrations...


Imagine what would happen if you train with imperfect form during exercise for a long time! Yes, you'll get nothing but injuries... 


This is why your approach to guitar practice is one of the key elements to improving your guitar playing faster consistently... 


Let's try to understand this further using a simple example...

  • There are 2 guitarists, who are both willing to learn a scale shape and play it effortlessly in one position... for the ease of understanding let's assume it's any one of the minor pentatonic scale shapes... 

  • Now, the number of perfect repetitions required for anyone to learn that scale shape is 100

  • Guitarist 1, plays 10 perfect repetitions of the scale shape everyday, without worrying about the speed at which he's playing it. 

  • Guitarist 2 on the other hand focusses on speed and more repetitions, and ends up playing 5 perfect repetitions, and 7 imperfect repetitions everyday

  • Guitarist 1 would be able to learn to play the scale shape effortlessly within 10 days, because by then he/she would have achieved 100 perfect repetitions 

  • Guitarist 2 would need 20 days to get the 100 perfect repetitions, so although guitarist 2 is practicing more than Guitarist 1, the progress is comparatively slower

  • That's not it, Guitarist 2 has by now trained on playing the scale with mistakes 7x20 = 140 times. Which means he/she is now trained on making mistakes more often than getting it right. 

In the above case, who do you think will reach their guitar playing goals faster?


There are many more elements to guitar practice that must be incorporated, to make sure you reach your guitar learning goals in less time...

Identifying these elements and training accurately with these elements is what a trained and experienced guitar teacher will always guide you to do...




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