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Is Music Theory Required To Learn Guitar?

The study of music theory sounds scary to majority of beginner to intermediate guitar players...

The general idea of music theory is built around a lot of things like scales, arpeggios, chords, intervals etc.

Most teachers also focus too much time in teaching these concepts in isolation, which makes it boring...

This approach makes it overwhelming, and the biggest challenge is to figure out what to learn and in what order...

I myself had taken a similar approach as a beginner musician and found that I was lacking somewhere in quickly understanding and applying Music theory on guitar, to create the music that I wanted...

Then I began to wonder that, "When music is a result of the integration of various different elements, why do we approach studying music theory concepts in Isolation"?

Moreover, "why is it that we only study music theory as concepts, and not apply it on the guitar to make music" ?

This lead me to design methods to easily understand music, which I use with my students, where the concepts are not just taught in isolation, but also applied creatively on guitar to make them better musicians faster...

This approach makes learning and enhancing musical knowledge a fun process for students, one that you will look forward to... especially when you realize the benefits of it...

Guitar as an instrument has a distinct advantage, that you don't have to understand music in order to play guitar well..

However, it's a double edged sword, and the primary reason why many guitarists lack adequate musical knowledge...which hampers their ability to express themselves freely on the instrument....

Understanding and being able to apply music theory will not only make you learn guitar faster, but also help you to:

  • Quickly adapt to different musical situations

  • Enhance your creativity on guitar

  • Improve your songwriting skills

  • Improve your improvisation abilities

  • Create music without trial and error, and many many more benefits...

So study of music theory is not mandatory to learn guitar, however, if you are someone who wants to go beyond the average flock of guitar players, then you need to dedicate some time

to understanding and applying music theory on your guitar...

If you are looking for fun ways to understand and apply musical knowledge on your guitar...Head over to and Book Your Trial Session Now

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